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Schulz agrees that no drastic changes are necessary to save the planet. At first glance it has no relation to the printing industry and print media but it is necessary to underline that the local religious leaders paid a lot of attention to the religious education of people. Six billion people polluting the atmosphere at a reduced rate will still release a phenomenal amount of toxins into the air. If we keep our emissions from growing, cheap essay or application essay increase them slowly, we may be OK.’" (Schulz 7) Schneider maintains that we only need to slow down our release of pollutants into the atmosphere and the climate will adapt to us. Besides that, the crime prevention department can collaborate with schools and government to teach people how to increase their online account protection such as Facebook account and to report as spam when they receive junk emails. This does not work and is not realistic, especially with more people returning to school to increase their marketability. cheap essay

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