Should I buy a Greyhound or Whippet?

What are the differences

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12. Jun 2019
Should I buy a Greyhound or Whippet?

Both breeds of dogs are beautiful but which breed is right for you and your lifestyle?  Even though both dogs are from the same family, they each have different traits and characteristics, known best for their high energy and sprinting. 


Whippets are a mini version of a greyhound, with smaller and finer ears. The Greyhound is generally 76cm and the whippet is around 56cm in height.  


Both are known for being sleepers most of the day but super actice for the hours they are not snoozing. People say they make great apartment pets but if you are planning on them living in a small space, you will need to walk them twice daily and have a large area outside for them to run around in when taking a walk. 


The greyhounds are the fastest of the breeds but the whippets are the fastest accelerators. Greyhounds are the dogs you see in the dog races on TV, they enjoy running after rabbits and small rodents. 


You will see alot of older greyhounds up for adoption because once the dog racing trainers have no use out of the dog anymore due to old age or injury they are no longer wanted. Whippets are not used for this purpose, therefore they are bred just to be pets, therefore there are less available and hardly any for adoption. 


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