Rainbow Lorikeets

Pet or Pest?

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9. Apr 2019
Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets were introduced to Australia in the 1960s and quickly gained in population size. Their natural habitat is rainforest, costal bush and woodland areas. 


Why are they a pest in the wild? 
Can be aggressive towards other native parotts espesially around nesting hollows, preventing other native parots from nesting and have been known to throw Australian Ringneck nestlings from their home. 


Why do they make good pets?

Whilst tendencies to be agressive around other parotts, these beautiful birds love human company or even company of the same species especially when raised from a nestling upwards. Have a very chatty and playful nature when interated with on a daily basis. Love to entertain their caregiver and show off their bubbly personalities. 


Why do they NOT make a good pet?

Loris are messy, their feaces need to be cleaned every other day as it smells unpleasant and can projectile deficate from their cage, this is due to their daily nectar diet along with fresh fruit, They splash around in their water baths usually twice per day meaning the water goes all over the floor and needs wiping up. Male and Female Loris appear the same so a DNA analsis is needed by the Vet. Can be noisey like any other parotts so make sure you get on with your neighbours! 


Seller's picture Tom DF
Tom DF on 28. Apr 2019
I love Lorikeets, they are very funny to have around. I found using dry nectar as opposed to wet nectar helps make their poops less squirty...

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Alexandrine Parrots
I love Lorikeets, they are very funny to have around. I foun...
Rainbow Lorikeets