Pet Turtles

Turtles in Terrariums

16. Jun 2019
Pet Turtles

Have you ever wondered to the end of a jetty and seen a turtle swimming around and you have thought to yourself 'WOW I could watch them all day'? Well now you can!

The most common turtles to have as a pet are the long-necked and eastern snake necked turtles. Even though they are found in the wild, you are only allowed to keep them as pets if they are sold from pet shops or specialised lisenced breeders. 


Indoor Housing 
Must be kept in a specialised terrarium. Shell grit and sand must cover the flooring, the water deep enough for your friend to imerse its whole body into and a log big enough for it to climb out of the water and back onto land. 

Outside Housing 
Must have a big enough area to roam around in and not able to dig out of. You must have a pond for your friend to imerse it's body into and that you are able to easily clean. Should have some shelter for protection such as a logs, bushes or rocks. 

Eat meat and plants in the water. Try to buy your friends food from the pet shop rather than supermarket or butchers as this food is too fattening for them. Important calcium is added into their diet on a regular basis. 


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