How to lessen the cost of owning a dog or puppy

Owning a dog/ puppy does not have to be expensive.

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30. Apr 2019
How to lessen the cost of owning a dog or puppy

Even though family and friends have all told you that owning a dog or puppy is not cheap, you are still desperate to own your own adorable canine pal? Sounds familiar! They are worth every cent, however there are some basic ways in which you can cut down the costs without getting trapped by merchandise marketing. So here are some tips...

1. DO NOT buy from pet shops

It can be quite convinient to nip down to your local pet shop where you can have the products instantly, but it's best to wait until you either see the item is on special or buy elsewhere (as mentioned in the next tip). Your friendly pet shop staff member will let you know what a great pet owner you are if you buy lots of premium merchandise, but try not to fall for this trick.

2. DO buy from the internet 

Competition between pet companies is great for the buyer as each company will try to out-do eachother's prices online therefore reducing the cost. Occasionally you might buy an item online and find it isn't what you had imagined, however a solution is to on-sell the item for the same price back onto the internet, or send it back to the company and get your money back depending on their policies. 

3. DO buy baby toys

Baby toys from the local shopping centre are sometimes better quality and always cheaper than pet toys in the same shop. If you really are treating your puppy or dog as your baby replacement then this tip will be even more of a bonus!

4. DO reuse household items

You can recycle old boxes or toilet rolls for example and use them as a cubby house or chew toy for your new puppy instead of the furniture. Your canine friend will not mind or know you have not paid any money for their toy, lots of times the simpler the toy the more fun they will have becasue you will not get angry if it gets damaged, plus the puppy can take out all of their energy on this toy. There are many ways you can be creative making new toys with old items around the house!



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